Contactless vs hands-free
the future of mobile payment

Mobile companies are trying to push the way they want us to pay our shopping.

Before the summer we had services like Square and to simplify the use of our credit cards.
We were all waiting for the arrival of contactless payment through mobile phones.
But things have changed now.

Instead of NFC we have BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) that will allow payments without taking the phone out of our pocket.
Paypal was the first to introduce this new feature by opening a developer program for its Beacon device on early September.
After a couple of days, Apple launched its new iPhones, capable to provide the same technology called iBeacon.
Is that all? No.

In the last few days another couple of big changes happened.
Some weeks ago PayPal announced Payment code, a way to allow customers to pay with their account by simply scanning a QR code.
Compared to previous solutions, it has a lower technology limit since all phones with a camera and an internet connection will be suitable to use it.
On the same day Amazon challenged them by announcing Login and Pay with Amazon, its own e-wallet, the first step to both introduction of mobile payments and say goodbye to PayPal checkout.
A lot of movements, indeed.

Personally, in all of this mess, I am waiting for the move of the big missing of this list.
Google launched its wallet years ago and with 70% of the smartphones market, most of them NFC-enabled, they will supposedly bet on it.
But if only few months ago, contactless payment seemed to be the future, now it already looks like a primitive technology.
I can already see this happening: “Hey, are you still using your phone to pay?”