Happy Birthday WhyMCA!

It was the 12th of December 2009 when everything started.
I was working at Cesvin in that period, with Andrea and Riccardo.
After attending some events about mobile (especially the Over the Air in London), we thought Italy needed one as well.
The interest around mobile was rapidly rising and there was many energy and enthusiasm about changing it would have brought.

We decided to put together a barcamp: a non-conference, a sharing opportunity, a place where anyone would be able to put his/her own knowledge.
Almost 150 people attended the event and we presented many topics related to mobile.
There were some developers too (Alfredo, Marco, Sandro, Alessio, Antonio, Alberto, Chiara, Claudio, Michele, you can see them in this album), but we had few talks about code (I just remember one from Andrea about Layar and another from Mutado about Disney Digicomics).

So, after the barcamp experience, we decide we have to do something to fill this gap.
We choose to put our energy to bring together the community of mobile developers and to try to make it grow by sharing knowledge and experience.

The story so far has seen 3 developer conferences, 6 hackathons, 4 happy hours, 1 mojito party and many collaborations with other great communities.
We involved more than 3000 people in 4 years, every time with the same enthusiasm.

I am proud of this project.
I feel lucky to had the opportunity to work and to had fun with such great friends.
I feel lucky for all the people I have met in these four years who share with me the same passion for mobile.

Happy Birthday WhyMCA!