a peek inside companies and startups

Our feeds are full of information about what people are doing. We follow them waiting for the next news or tweet.
Then we follow companies. We read about them on their sites, corporate blogs or even on their social networks profiles.
But what we miss in this, is that companies are made by the people working there everyday, and that, the best way to know how a company works, is to see what their members do for it.

Somewhere is a social network aiming to fill this gap.
Like many other socials, it allows people to publish content (text and pictures), but unlike others, it groups it through collections related to job (such projects I’ve been involved with, things that inspire me, inspiring books, the daily toolkit) and companies. Big names like Soundcloud, Wooga and MOO have already joined it, but also small startups and creative agencies keep coming, all of them willing to show their love and passion for what they do and how they care about their job.

But Somewhere is not only for those who are already working in a startup, but also a tool for people who would like to get a job there.
With the discover tool, indeed, you can browse companies by location and see what’s going on in cities like London, Berlin, Paris or New York.

Besides discover them, the early stage of private beta was providing the possibility for companies to show their open job positions and allowing users to apply for them by answering some questions.

It was an amazing way to reduce to zero the distance between companies and job seekers, by removing the pain of the CV and focusing more on personal attitude and passion (questions where more like “what inspire you” or “send us a song that you like and explain why”).
This possibility has been removed, I hope because they are improving it. Personally I consider it a great feature.

So I definitely love Somewhere. I think it would be really a great tool to find inspiration, to know how are made the services we love and, of course, to help people find their dream job.
The only thing that really annoys me, is that there is no clue of italian companies there. I think Milan, Rome, Treviso, as well as many other fast growing realities, would have a lot to say.
We have great ideas, great creativity and of course great companies, Somewhere would be another opportunity to show them up.

Photo credit: via photopin cc